The Ultimate Guide for SignalR in ASP.NET Core

Dive into the world of real-time web development with SignalR in ASP.NET Core through this comprehensive guide. This course will equip you with all the necessary skills to develop interactive applications capable of real-time communication without excessive calls.

You’ll start by getting to know what SignalR is and how to get it ready for use. Next, you’ll learn about different kinds of SignalR clients, like JavaScript, Blazor, WebAssembly, .Net, Java, and even raw WebSocket clients. You’ll also learn to send messages, use streaming, and keep your applications safe. Plus, you’ll get the low-down on scaling your applications both on-site and in the cloud, especially using Azure SignalR Service.

By the time you finish this course, you’ll know your way around building real-time applications using SignalR. You’ll be able to set up different SignalR clients, protect your applications, and make them bigger or smaller as needed. These handy skills will boost your standing as a web developer.

Takeaway skills

  • An understanding of the application of SignalR in creating interactive web applications
  • The skills to enforce secure communication protocols using SignalR
  • Proficiency in fine-tuning SignalR communication for optimal performance
  • The ability to set up and manage a variety of SignalR clients
  • Working knowledge of scaling SignalR hubs in diverse environments

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About the author

Fiodar Sazanavets

Microsoft MVP | senior software engineer | published technical author | software development mentor

I am a Microsoft MVP and a lead/senior software engineer with over a decade of professional experience. I primarily specialize in .NET and Microsoft stack. I am enthusiastic about creating well-crafted software that fully meets business needs. I enjoy teaching aspiring developers and sharing my knowledge with the community, which I do both as a volunteer and commercially.

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Throughout my career, I have built software of various types and various levels of complexity in multiple industries. This includes a passenger information management system for a railway, distributed smart clusters of IoT devices, e-commerce systems, financial transaction processing systems, and more. I have also successfully led and mentored teams of software developers.

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