Welcome to Scientific Programmer – the place where you can learn about scientific approach to software development

My name is Fiodar Sazanavets. With honors degree in Environmental Biology and Masters degree in Environmental Informatics, I am qualified as a scientist.

As well as being well versed in modern scientific method, I have taught myself how to code, which I have now been doing professionally for a number of years.

Lack of formal software development education did not stop me from having a successful and fulfilling career as a software developer. And I attribute my success to a scientific mindset, which I have developed while being trained as a scientist.

The process of software development and conducting scientific experiments are very similar. The only difference is that, in software development, iterations are usually a lot quicker than they are in science. So, understanding how science works will definitely help in your software development career.

Unfortunately, many new programmers, especially self-taught ones, often go through unnecessary struggle in their programming tasks, and it’s all because they haven’t been taught how to solve problems the way science has done for centuries.

So, the main purpose of this website is to teach programmers how to apply scientific thinking in the context of their work and to teach scientists how to program, in case any of them would want to acquire some in-demand technical skills.

The website is split into thematic categories, which are as follows:

Coding Courses

This section lists all of the online programming courses that have been published by the authors of Scientific Programmer.

Tech Advice

This section is aimed at people with some intermediate to advanced technical experience, such as tech enthusiasts and professionals, or people who simply would like to expand their knowledge of computing technologies. The topics include information on how to write code, overview of inner workings of your smartphone, concrete steps that need to be taken to become a software developer, best coding practices and other interesting subjects.

The majority of articles focus on software development, especially .NET stack. .NET stack is where I have the most experience in; this is why we would be focusing on this particular technology.

Tech Career Advice

This section contains a collection of articles related to a career in IT, especially in software development. We will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of working in IT, how to be successful in your career and what pitfalls to avoid.

Tech Education

This section is primarily aimed at children, but would be equally useful to anyone who wants to learn the basics of IT and, especially, of software development.


This section contains articles about staying safe online and protecting your privacy in the digital world. The information is written by seasoned IT professionals and is distilled into a format that can be understood by a lay person.


This section contains articles that explain how modern scientific method works and how to apply it in the field of software development. The section will also help you to develop scientific mindset and it will teach you how to distinguish between good or bad examples of science that you may encounter in your daily life.

Free Market

Neither science nor technological innovation would be possible without free exchange of ideas. Free market, also often referred to as Capitalism, is the system that enables both of these features. If you have chosen IT as your career, you absolutely need to know at least the basics of how free market works.

Also, there are many people, especially younger people, to whom Capitalism is a dirty word. This is mainly because they don’t understand this economic system and their views of it are skewed. The articles in this section will help them to eliminate misconceptions that they may have about free market and will explain how free market can benefit them better than any alternative economic system would.