About me and my mission

My name is Fiodar Sazanavets. I am a former environmental scientist who requalified as a software engineer. Lack of formal computer science education did not stop me from having a successful and fulfilling career in IT. With the help of several great mentors, I was able to teach myself how to code and eventually reached a senior level in my career.

A software engineering career has opened many doors for me. As well as providing a fulfilling line of work and a very good income, it helped me to grow as a person and a professional. As someone who enjoys sharing my success with other people and watching others become successful, this is why I’ve chosen it as my mission to help as many people as possible enter the software development career and take their career to the next level. Therefore I became a professional software development mentor.

By far, the easiest way to progress in any career is to find an experienced mentor who can guide you. A career in IT is no exception. As a senior software engineer with over a decade of professional experience, I enjoy providing this kind of mentorship.

I help people in many different ways. I do live mentoring sessions, both with individuals and groups. I write blog posts and online articles. I create online courses. Sometimes I also write technical books, some of which even became Amazon bestsellers. I always look for new opportunities to help existing and aspiring software developers in any way I can. I feel amazing when I’ve done something that helped someone to learn new skills or achieve a new milestone in their career.

As well as being a software development enthusiast, I have several other interests. I am an amateur athlete who participates in various sporting activities, such as obstacle course racing, trail running, and amateur MMA. Being active is a great passion of mine. I also travel a lot and I like to read about science and technology. I have a natural curiosity for new things.