Working with me

My name is Fiodar Sazanavets. I am the owner of this website. I’m a lead software engineer with over a decade of professional experience. I primarily specialize in Microsoft programming stack (.NET, C#, SQL Server, etc.).

I believe that one the best ways to develop yourself as a professional software engineer is to gain a lot of experience in different environments and to provide mentorship to others. This is why, as well as being a software engineer, I regularly get involved in the following types of projects:

Authoring programming courses

Some of the courses that I have authored are available on this page. I regularly get approached by various organizations to author courses on their behalf. Such organizations include Packt, Apress and Manning.

If you or your organization needs someone to create a programming course, you can get in touch with me.

Authorship of technical books and blog posts

If your organization needs someone to write a reference book or a blog post on one of the technologies I have my expertise in, I am open to have a conversation with you.

I have authored the following books:

Review of technical books

As well as writing my own books, I also conduct technical reviews of books written by others. I have reviewed the following books:


I am available to be booked as a programming mentor. My standard mentorship program includes a weekly 30 minute call and regular support via chat. I aim to reply to all messages within 24 hours. You can book me via this link.

I’m also available to be booked for one-off sessions, which include the following:

  • CV/Resume feedback
  • Career strategy development
  • Review of your programming work
  • Development of a study plan
  • Technical interview preparation
  • Expert consultation with hands-on work

Sponsored articles on my website

As the owner of this website, I am happy to post sponsored content written by others, as long as such content is of sufficiently high quality and matches the overall theme of the website (software and IT).

Getting in touch

To get in touch about any of the above services, please use the following email address: