The Battle Hardened Developer

Unaware of the battle…

…the secret enemy destroys careers.

Do you know the biggest threat to your job?

Fiodar is a lead software engineer, technical author, and mentor to coders. He knows the struggle and has compiled take the lessons learned from mixed martial arts and endurance sports in this book.

The mentees he’s worked with have 10x their careers.

Would you like to know how?

Modern society is addicted to dopamine. It comes from us at every turn. The likes, loves, comments, and shares of social media are a drug that quietly ruins our focus. Dopamine leads to procrastination because we all want that next fix.

Is social media designed to make you fail?

You’ll learn the answer to this along with:

  • Attaining Flow State for Deep Work
  • Detecting and Overcoming the Inner Saboteur
  • The Dangers of Echo-Chambers in Your Career
  • Extreme Ownership: What Programmers can Learn from Navy SEALS
  • How Monk Mentality can Lead to Success
  • and much more…

Even if the project is boring, Fiodar has a way to help you through. The Shisa Kanko technique will have you enjoying your work again.

You’ll love this guide for developer career advancement because you’ll learn how to turn the table and trick your brain into achieving a focused state to accomplish more than you thought was possible.

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