Welcome to Scientific Programmer – the place where you can learn about scientific approach to software development

My name is Fiodar Sazanavets. With honors degree in Environmental Biology and Masters degree in Environmental Informatics, I am qualified as a scientist. But my scientific career has ended pretty much as soon as it began. Very early on I taught myself how to code with the help of colleagues, friends, and Google.

Lack of formal software development education did not stop me from having a successful and fulfilling career as a software engineer. And I attribute my success to a scientific mindset, which I have developed while being trained as a scientist.

The process of software development and conducting scientific experiments are very similar. The only difference is that, in software development, iterations are usually a lot quicker than they are in science. So, understanding how science works will definitely help in your software development career.

Unfortunately, many new programmers, especially the self-taught ones, often go through unnecessary struggle in their programming tasks. And it’s all because they haven’t been taught how to solve problems the way science has done for centuries.

So, I originally launched this website to teach programmers how to apply scientific thinking in the context of their work. I also wanted to teach scientists how to program, in case any of them would want to acquire some in-demand technical skills.

But the website took a life of its own. It’s no longer only about programming and science. It now has a whole range of content, ranging from career advice to a description of inner workings of a specific software library. Because the website now has such a wide range of tech-related topics, anyone who is vaguely interested in tech will find something interesting on it.

The website is split into thematic categories. Some of them contain concrete advice on tech-related subjects, while others provide opinions and personal anecdotes.