Implementing C# 11 and .NET 7.0: Learn how to build cross-platform apps with .NET Core

By Fiodar Sazanavets

Leverage the latest features of C# and .NET to optimize the development of cross-platform apps

Key Features
● Use the .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI) framework to develop scalable native apps.
● Learn how to set up, develop, and deploy cross-platform apps with .NET Core.
● Build apps that can run seamlessly across multiple platforms, devices, and operating systems.

.NET is a programming platform that allows developers to write and run any type of application. Although the .NET platform officially supports many programming languages, C# is its main and the most popular language.

This book takes you through the fundamentals of .NET and provides a step-by-step guidance on building native applications that work seamlessly across multiple platforms. You will then get familiar with the fundamentals of relational databases and Entity Framework Core 7, including its code-first, database-first, and model-first approaches. Moving on, the book will introduce you to ASP.NET Core, the main framework on .NET that is designed for building web applications. You will also learn how to host and deploy Blazor WebAssembly using ASP.NET Core. In the subsequent sections, the book will teach you to set up bi-directional communication between the server and client using SignalR and enable gRPC communication on ASP.NET Core. Lastly, you will acquire the skills to manage and deploy your app with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

By the end of the book, you will be able to build cross-platform native apps with C# & .NET.

What you will learn
● Get familiar with all the latest features of C#.
● Work with the new features of .NET 7, including its SDKs and libraries.
● Learn how to build web applications using ASP.NET Core 7.
● Build your machine learning models using ML.NET.
● Learn how to build and deploy distributed apps faster and more securely.

Who this book is for
This book caters to a wide audience, including beginners and experienced .NET developers who want to build cross-platform apps using C# and .NET.

Table of Contents
1. Getting Familiar with .NET 7 Application Structure
2. Overview of C# 11 Features
3. What is New in .NET 7?
4. MAUI and Cross-platform Native Applications
5. Database Access with Entity Framework 7
6. Web Application Types on .NET
7. Blazor and WebAssembly on .NET
8. SignalR and Two-way Communication
9. gRPC on ASP.NET Core
10. Machine Learning with ML.NET
11. Microservices and Containerization on .NET 7

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