Beginning gRPC on ASP.NET Core

gRPC allows you to enable components of your distributed application to communicate effectively with each other and it requires very little code to do so.

gRPC is a network communication technology that has been originally developed by Google. It works over HTTP2 protocol and it is primarily used to enable communication between microservices in distributed clusters.

The core feature of gRPC is that it abstracts away all complex implementation details. For a software developer, using gRPC feels almost like writing code on the client application that can call endpoints on the server application directly, as if both of these are just parts of the same monolithic application. This makes gRPC incredibly easy to use and this is the reason why it became very popular in the last couple of years.

Since the release of ASP.NET Core 3, gRPC has been fully integrated with core system libraries of ASP.NET Core. And this video will teach you how to use this particular implementation of gRPC.


The video is intended for ASP.NET developers who primarily work on distributed web and cloud applications.


You need to know fundamentals of ASP.NET Core.


Fiodar Sazanavets

Full stack senior software developer specializing in .NET

Fiodar is an experienced senior software developer whose main area of expertise is Microsoft stack, which includes ASP.NET (Framework and Core), SQL Server, Azure, and various front-end technologies.

Fiodar has gained his experience while working in water engineering, financial and defense industries. He has played key roles in various projects and his duties included performing design tasks and assessing skills of prospective team members during interviews. He has also performed an array of technical duties on clients’ sites, such as in-house development tasks and software installation.

Fiodar has developed and published a number of Android apps that were done as his personal projects. He regularly writes about software on his personal website, Scientific Programmer. He has also published a number of articles for other websites, such as Simple Programmer.

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