Recommended books for coders

This page contains a list of the best books that would improve your career as a software developer.

No matter what languages or technologies you choose, there are certain best practices that are universally applicable. Some of them relate to the way you write code, while others relate to how you conduct yourself as a professional software developer.

The books listed below cover all of these topics. Every single one of them is well-known in the software development industry and has a good rating among reputable software engineers.

All of the books language- and technology-agnostic, although some of them choose a specific programming language to show examples in. Nevertheless, the principles taught in every one of these books are universally applicable.

Every single one of these titles is a timeless classic. And every book has been written by a reputable software developer (or a team of reputable software developers) who are well-known within the IT industry.

Fir example, Clean Code, Clean Coder and Clean Architecture have been written by Robert Cecil Martin, who is known in the industry as “Uncle Bob”. The book on Design Patterns has been written by four authors, who are collectively known within the industry as “Gang of Four”. They are, in fact, the ones who have systematized the design patterns in object-oriented software development.

As I review more books, the list of them will be growing, so watch this space.